Landscape Rules

Landscape Rule # 1

Don’t choose a plant that grows 20 ft. tall x 15 ft. wide to be planted 3 ft. away from your home, particularly in front of a window.

Landscape Rule # 2

Never choose a plant that grows 8 ft. tall and place them in a straight line in front of your home, especially in front of windows. Who is going to be happy with an 8 ft. tall “mustache”, growing 40 ft. wide across the front of your home. This was considered “ok” in 1965, yet even then, thoughtful landscape designers avoided the practice.

Landscape Rule #3

Never choose a plant that will grow so large that when planted near the front door, it grows up (and it will), and you will be trapped in your house.

Landscape Rule #4

Never plant a Crape Myrtle or Little Gem Magnolia right next to your house. These beautiful botanical specimens will grow twice as tall as your house. In just a few short years, these trees bend around and over the eve of your house and start climbing the roof. They will look like they are eating your home. Your insurance company will not be amused when those huge root systems damage your foundation while the branches are rubbing against your shingles. It is quite understandable that “Nursery Specialists” at the big box stores do not get this. Unforgivable that a landscape professional does not understand.

Landscape Rule #5

Never. . .ever. . .over plant your new landscape project. We see this every day. We spend a lot of our time fixing these horticultural monstrosities about 3 years after some “expert” created this crowded mess. The project looks great for the first year. Then the different variety of plants start growing into each other and the result is an embarrassing, unsightly jungle. Often, we find that the original “designer” loaded up the landscape and sold you 60% more plants than you have room for. They made a lot of money and you are stuck with the mess. We encourage you to drive around and look at 5 year old homes that were over landscaped. There are several in every single block in fairly new subdivisions all over central Texas. Such a pity.

Landscape Rule # 6

Plants that are categorized as full sun will require 8+ hours of direct sunlight a day. Plants that are categorized as partial sun will require 3 to 8 hours of direct sun a day. Plants that are categorized as partial shade will require 1 to 6 hours of filtered sun a day. Plants that are categorized as full shade will not tolerate any direct sun, however up to 4 hours of filtered sun is usually ok. If your landscape contractor does not fully understand light requirements then your project will be destined for failure within 2 years.

Landscape Rule # 7

Never. . .ever. .. use only straight lines in your landscape design. Enough said.

Landscape Rule # 8

When making the important decision of whom to trust to design and install your landscape, look at the contractor’s portfolio and then ask them where these pretty homes are located. Some landscape companies have been known to buy or “borrow” landscape photos off the internet.

Landscape Rule # 9

A. Be careful spending much money with someone whose business card has no address.

B. When choosing new plants, are you choosing out of a catalog or do you see the real
plants at a local nursery?

C. Check references.

Landscape Rule #10

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